Babette clothing at mix - handmade in California

Babette began in 1990. In 1995 she and her business partner, husband Steven Pinsky bought the pleating factory that was producing the Babette line. This gave her the ability to make a stronger connection between design and manufacturing which has led to even greater commercial acceptance.

“Babette’s sense of design owes a debt to late-20th Century modernist architecture, industrial and graphic design. Throughout her career, her work has been distinguished by the use of sophisticated colors and strong geometric shapes. Her modernist sensibilities dictate that embellishment is kept to a minimum and that any detail must have a useful function. She launched her first signature clothing line in 1968 in boutiques within contemporary design stores.

In the early 1980’s she launched a coat collection putting her training in this area at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology to use. This line was sold through better specialty stores and department stores around the United States. In the mid 1980’s she began to experiment with various forms of manipulating fabric to create different textures and surfaces. One direct result of this experimentation lead to the creation of a pleated raincoat, still her best-known item today”.  Babette Clothing web site

We love carrying Babette Clothing at Mix. Gorgeous fabrics, flattering lines and those pleats! In her hands, pleating is taken to the level of art form. Take a look at the video below. It provides a glimpse into how these amazing items are made in their southern California studio. Babette clothing at mix – a perfect match!



mixBabette Clothing at MIX