Cheyenne Clothing at MIX

Why do we love Cheyenne Clothing at MIX?

They’re great relaxed fit and layering style make them a great match with “The MIX Look”. Each season brings new colors and a fresh approach to apparel design. Contact us for more information on this seasons’ offerings.

“Cheyenne is based in Washington state.  We use fine natural fabrics to create comfortable and unique clothing for women of all sizes.  We offer at least six collections each year. Our customer is the woman who values individuality and originality”. -Cheyenne

This line is known for it’s use of 100% linen, and linen-blends to create comfortable, stylish pieces that have broad versatility. A cool fabric in warm weather, these designs also layer beautifully  – making them perfect for transitional wear. Stop in at either MIX location in Ypsilanti or Ann Arbor, MI to see more. We love Cheyenne Clothing at MIX because it’s such a good fit!


 Cheyenne at MIX


mixCheyenne Clothing at MIX