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FASHION vs. STYLE – A Good Mix – by E. G. Penet


I’ll always be writing about style, and fashion vs. style. Style is focusing on you, as opposed to trying to shoehorn yourself into a “new look” dictated by some designer or other. What is your style? That’s the question to ask yourself when you’re shopping at Mix.

Aren’t sure? We can help.

Too many choices? We can help.

You know we don’t store credit card data or other personal information in our database. But, did you know that we do keep track of what you have purchased in the past? That’s so we can help you build your style over time. We want to avoid having single, isolated pieces in your wardrobe. You don’t want a fashion collection. You want a manageable variety of mix and match pieces you can depend upon, that you can layer or not, that you can augment over time; a personally styled closet that you can also accessorize in a variety of ways, season in, season out.

You already have a style. Look in the mirror. If you want to continue to develop that style, we can help. If you want to make changes, we can help. Want to go in a whole new direction, we can help. Our staff can present a reasonable selection of pieces to try. We won’t confuse you with quantity.

But to get a better handle on style vs. fashion … try following Bill Cunningham’s photo essays in the Sunday New York Times Style section (it’s online, too, at What you’ll see is what he sees on the streets of New York City being worn by real people and a few true “fashionistas” on occasion. (There’s also a documentary film about Bill that’s available online.)

The Mix point of view: we can help you to cultivate a personal style that’s unique. That’s simply what we’re all about.