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A Krista Larson mini fashion show!

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So I’d like to invite you to come back to see the Krista Larson Boutique in MIX.

Krista Larson is a designer from New Hampshire. She has been in business for over 20 years and she is known for her amazing fabrics. This is all silk, there are four different layers. We like to think of this as something that a bride may wear. But after the wedding look at this … a skirt, wouldn’t that be fun to put with cowboy boots and go dancing. And look you have your cocktail dress. All of this is in silk taffeta, the cocktail dress has some sparkles. This upper layer is a vest, called a chammy, that you can wear with blue jeans or velvet pants. And then of course the silk T.

What bride wouldn’t love that.


Ed PenetA Krista Larson mini fashion show!

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