miekoWe love carrying Mieko Mintz at MIX. Born on southern Japan, she opened her first store in New York’s West village in 1999, and later moved to Soho. She uses handcrafted textiles from around the world, most of which she has designed herself to make contemporary pieces. Her signature line is jackets made from vintage sari kantha, esch with its own variety of colors and its own story.

Mieko’s work follows in the kantha tradition; first her designs are made into kantha throws in West Bengal and then are cut to fit her jacket designs. Her kantha are treated resulting in a clothing line especially soft to the touch.

Her focus is a kantha line that is not only comfortable, but contemporary and sophisticated. She finds romance in the saris’ reincarnation in the new kantha: old saris coming back to life in a totally different time and land. Cuttings left over from making her clothing are recycled one more time to create hats, bags and jewelry.

Traditionally kantha were supposed to help keep their wearers safe from harm and aid in obtaining happiness and prosperity, all of which Mieko wishes for you. – Mieko Mintz

MIX is proud to carry work my Mieko Mintz. Below you’ll see a few pieces that are currently available. For more information contact us.




mixMieko Mintz at MIX