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Drum roll for Mix New and Used please!

In A Good Mix by Ed Penet

Good news this month for specialty retailers like Mix New and Used, according to survey results released earlier by The UPS Store ®, consumers are increasingly willing to go out of their way to shop at or use the services of a small business. As a destination store like Mix on Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti, it means a lot! We are so very grateful to you. In fact, the survey showed that the number of people who paid more for a product or service in order to support a small business over a large corporation (big box or mall) increased by 41 percent from 2013 to 2014.

The survey also demonstrated that the number of people who traveled out of their way to support a small business like Mix New and Used over a large corporation increased by 36 percent from 2013 to 2014. The reasons you gave were clear: 1 – better customer service, 2 – better quality products, and, 3 – more interesting and unique products as your primary motivators. Another important fact is that the money remains to circulate locally.

(OK. Cue the horn section, maestro!) Those UPS numbers above nearly mirror our year-over-year growth rate over the last two years … thanks to you. Mix New and Used has added employees, creating jobs downtown. And we’ve reinvested your dollars in new clothing lines at the top and middle of the price/value spectrum, while at the same time expanding the availability of our best-selling foundation lines like Comfy USA, Chalet, Tulip and Matchpoint. Our unique jewelry designs, including several Michigan artists (Kristin Perkins, Robin Goodfellow), and our growing footwear department are attracting a lot of attention, as well.

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You also saved us from a terrible mistake. It was your insistence on having a gently used selection available that made us think twice and recommit to maintaining it with top brand clothing traditional labels you have always known and loved. And, as a matter of fact, gently used also represents the best price/value for many Mix New and Used customers, who prefer vintage and true bargains. With that crescendo, I’ll pipe down (as they say) and look for other aspects of our Mix New & Used world to muse and amuse. – Ed

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Ed PenetDrum roll for Mix New and Used please!