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New Year Reflection – A Good Mix – by E. G. Penet

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It’s amazing to me how the time flies by. It’s time for a New Year Reflection – A Good Mix.

Only a few months ago, Mix opened its new corner store in the iconic Nickels Arcade in Suites 2&4 just off Maynard Street in Ann Arbor.

That was a year and a half ago in July 2014.

And a few short months later, we took over Suite 5 in the Arcade.

What impressed us the most was the fabulous welcome we received from each of our new neighbors in the Nickels Arcade. This includes initial support from the Nickels Arcade staff and Oxford Property Management. Then, there is the bouquet of flowers from University Flowers, complimentary coffees from Comet. And then, hand-delivered “Welcome” cards and/or personal greetings from Van Boven’s Clothing, Van Boven’s Shoes, Bivouac, the Arcadian Antiques, the Caravan Gift Shop, Parrish Fine Framing & Art, Ten Fine Jewelers, Beagle Brain Computers, even the Arcade Barbers. Quite a family feel!

What also continues to impresses us since then is the reception by our many other neighboring State Street merchants and the State Street/Ann Arbor Art Fair leadership. And, of course, there’s all of you – our fine customers we’ve been fortunate to attract from throughout the Ann Arbor/Washtenaw County area and the University of Michigan community.

Thank you all once again for an exciting inaugural first year plus!




mixNew Year Reflection – A Good Mix – by E. G. Penet