Sizing It Up – A Good Mix – by E. G. Penet

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SIZING IT UP – A Good Mix 


Next to “What are your hours?” and “How do I get there?” the most frequently asked phone question is, “Do you carry plus sizes?”

The Mix answer is always “Yes.”

But it’s a bit more complicated than that.

A recent online commentary recently took to task some research that posited that the “average American women today is a size 14.” Without going into a lot of detail, the commentator correctly noted that size 14 is, perhaps, only a mathematical median (the old Bell Curve phenomenon), and neither is it verifiable, nor does it reference our obsession with obesity in this country.

Our fashions come from all over the world, but mostly from the good old USA. These experienced designers know all about silhouettes and patterns. These are the best ready-to-wear items you can buy. They are cut and shaped and sewn with the wide variety of American women in mind.

Today’s sizes, however, can throw you. In fact, today’s size 10 is actually cut larger than it was twenty years ago. Some Mix pieces are marked 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, etc. Some are 1 & 2. Some are OS … one size. Our most popular lines run S, M, L, XL, +1, +2. And of course, we carry XS and a few Petites, for shorter profiles.

So we always say, “Yes.” But we also always offer the opportunity to try on several pieces from various lines that appeal to you. Different designers handle the issue of sizing differently as well. Some smaller boutique designers create their items exclusively with a one-size option. Krista Larson is an example of this approach.

So the title, “SIZING IT UP – A Good Mix” isn’t really a mystery at all. The real Mix secret is our ability to meet your style with a personal fitting, topped off with the perfect accessories.


mixSizing It Up – A Good Mix – by E. G. Penet