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Of course, I love women’s fashions!

Why wouldn’t I? I’m a full-blooded guy. No, not THAT kind of guy … the oogler.   I appreciate any well-turned out female of any shape or age or size in formal or informal attire, who appears consciously self-prepared to face the public, head to toe.   Men, too, of course. I remember the days when men wore three-piece suits and hats to a ballgame. I remember getting my first pair of store-bought long pants, no longer the little boy in shorts.

My grandfather, my Dad’s father, was a French tailor, meaning a ladies tailor. He made men’s suits, as well, with his brother, in Detroit. All of my best clothes as a child were made by him for me. His fabric bolts and sample swatches are how I learned to appreciate woven fabrics.

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So much of women’s fashions today is over-relaxed in my opinion. Men and women in shorts or tattered jeans and T’s and sneakers. Women, many quite carelessly put together to go on errands. I heard of one Chicago women’s fashions boutique owner who literally redressed one of her customers and then refused to return her leisure suit, saying: “Don’t ever come into my store dressed like that again.” A bit over the top.

You’ll never hear that at a Mix store … ever.   It takes real effort to get it together in the morning. I fail, myself, at times. But sadly, few care about women’s fashions these days.   This is all to introduce myself as one of the Mix partners, and Bonnie’s husband; and to say I’ll be writing my fashion commentary once a week, to share on our Facebook and MixtheStore website blog.

Hopefully it will stimulate interest and provide some insight into what we do, how we do what we do, and why; plus women’s fashions industry insights.   – Ed

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