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    German crafted, Rundholz is world-renowned for fusing innovative design, unexpected details, and experimental fabrics to create their unique approach to fashion
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Our Featured Style MIX

A Story of Print & Texture

This is a story of print, texture, and hues all pulled together to create a visually stimulating display of art for the body.  The Krista Larson Long Weekender Coat serves as the focal point for this visual display, introducing textured patterns embroidered on cream colored linen in tones of coral, teal, and green. The Silk Blue Shell, by designer Robin Kaplan, matched with designer Krista Larson's light denim cropped Origami Pant continues the texture story along the length of your body.  The solid hues of these two items add richness and balance without overshadowing. This beautiful design combination is completed with an Annemieke Broenink necklace that blends and centers the entire color story. 

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