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Color Meets Texture

When the right textures, rich hues, and interesting prints collide, the results are more than magic – it is art. This mix is the epitome of beautiful fashion elements coalescing to create a wearable masterpiece for the body.  We start with a strong focal point, our one-of-a-kind lightweight vest made of textured Japanese paper fused with a silk inlay, then stitched together in a whimsical flow of black fiber that is present throughout.  This beautiful work of art exudes the rich blue hues of the Japanese paper and the vibrant green of the silk inlay, creating an ethereal blend that is particularly visible along the edges and the collar. These colors and textures are complimented by a gently meandering shawl collar, subtle high-low hem, and craftily bonded edges. The infusion of colors, textures, and movement in this one-of-a-kind artful piece is a delight for the eyes.  

When Magnolia Pearl’s Egyptian cotton long-sleeved button-down shirt with a wide flat collar is added to this style story it enhances the entire look. The consistent floral pattern that includes a touch of gold and wine beautifully accents the primary colors in the focal point, while the blue in the base color of the shirt helps to neutralize this piece thus balancing the overall style.

A pair of relaxed distressed jeans, casual CYDWQ boots, and an Annemieke Broenink neck accessory complete this design mix.

Love the way we style?  Visit or call our stores. We are happy to collaborate and to co-create the perfect masterpiece for YOUR body.

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