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Many Happy Returns - E. G. Penet


Many Happy Returns - E. G. Penet


Many Happy Returns – Ed’s Blog

 Of course, MIX has a Return Policy.

 Posters by each register read:

 “Refund with receipt within 2 days.

 Store Credit with receipt within 7 days.

 SALE items are Final Sale.”

This is the posted policy. And it is strictly enforced. But we reserve our right to make you happy. In fact, we make exceptions all the time.

 For one, we have shoppers from New York to California, Chicago to Atlanta. Try mailing back and forth within a two-day limit!  So obvious!

 Other MIX shoppers who drive for an hour or more simply cannot make a two-day limit. Any time distance is a factor, we’ll note that at the time of purchase and be more than reasonable. Anytime an issue arises: call us.

 As for Store Credit, it never expires. And with gifts, we print Gift Receipts and honor them with Store Credit toward an even exchange.

 Get to know us, so we can get to know you and serve you better.

 - Ed Penet

By Bonnie Admin