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TRUST & EXPERTISE at MIX – by E. G. Penet


TRUST & EXPERTISE at MIX – by E. G. Penet


TRUST & EXPERTISE at MIX – by E. G. Penet

“Help. Dress me. I want your look. And I haven’t a clue.”

I think the words trust and expertise are out about Mix

In fact, we LOVE to introduce first-time shoppers to what’s fast-becoming the “Mix look.” We owe our incredible designers all of the artistic credit and insights into fabrics, cuts and sizing. But what we do best is get to know you. We help you build trust & expertise at MIX. That takes time, shows you respect, and gives us a lot of important information about you.

Oh, there’s all the usual … size, color preferences, fabrics, etc. But over time, we’ll learn what’s already in your wardrobe at home. We’ll learn about you, what you may share about your home, work, and social fashion needs. And then we’ll begin to demonstrate, with you as the model, how you can start to “edit out” your closet and “edit in” the new. To further build trust, we’ll take you through the experience of building upon “foundation” pieces, then, “layering” from there. We have the expertise for mixing and matching from several lines, whether for comfort, or travel, or professionalism … all to suit your unique pizzazz. And we’ll show you how to accessorize, as well.

Building your trust in our expertise takes time, which we are prepared to take … as much as you’d like … as much as you need.

I did a good deal of customer service research for the Big 3 in my day helping to train and keep employees motivated. I also worked with non-automotive corporation employees. I succeeded by visiting with their customers to find out what they wanted from these companies. To this day, things haven’t changed a bit in consumer’s minds. In fact, the trend to shopping local for personal service and local economic benefits is feeding off of the same basic principles. Trust & expertise at MIX.

My research results, in the customer’s own words: #1 – “Treat me with respect.” #2 – “Take your time.” #3 – “Meet my needs.” In a nutshell … Trust and expertise.

See our video (here) to learn about the Mix Brand Promise.

– Ed

By Bonnie Admin