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About Us

At MIX we believe that art graces the body. When you display art on your wall it is a reflection of yourself. We adorn our walls and surroundings with art to create atmosphere, and better enjoy our space. Art is expression, decoration, and an extension of personal style and values. When you choose art for your body you have more opportunity to share it with others. It’s a way of amplifying your soul. You may also find your artful look stimulates deeper conversation. At MIX we are happy to help you style the right combination of art to adorn yourself. Come in and see what's in our store.


About You

Your values are what some call Generation C -- It's a term used to describe people who care deeply about creation, curation, connection, and community. It's not an age group; it's an attitude and mindset defined by key characteristics. Which of these C’s most define your MIX of attitudes?



It’s been over a decade! We are excited to celebrate 14 years of MIX with our community.

MIX opened at the start of the 2009 Christmas season with our characterization of a "mix" of vintage/gently used clothing, gift items and personal care products, plus arts and crafts... all jammed into a tiny space at 128 West Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti, Michigan. MIX took off from the start, thanks to local patron support and our eventual expansion to 130 West Michigan with more product, new curated clothing, and expanded gift items. Over time, following the opening of two adjacent store fronts in Ann Arbor's Nickels Arcade, plus an expanded array of new designer clothing lines added to our Ypsilanti store's "re-MIX" of gently used clothing, we have enjoyed continued market support and success.