Hello World! We realized it's time to bring MIX online, so here we are.

Time and again we have noticed how the clothing and accessories in our stores can be mixed together for true artistic expression.  We have heard shoppers, friends, and staff members all comment on and appreciate these works of art, and how much they enjoy creating these looks and sharing them by wearing them.  

We envisioned a website where we could share that feeling and some of the styles with a more global community.  We wanted to share the lifestyle and culture that this fashion is a part of through different collections of vignettes.  We created a storyline that helped us share how versatile the clothing is, curated some of our favorite pieces to tell the story, and planned a photoshoot.

Our vision was to have local women in a local setting that highlighted the art-inspired outerwear, casual wear, and event wear that we wanted to feature on the website.  Nickle's Arcade, the home of our Ann Arbor shop, was a perfect scene to feature the outdoor attire.  We were ecstatic when Marlene offered to share her home, a work of art and craftsmanship in itself, for the setting for the indoor and casual looks. 

We'd like to start by thanking all of the talented smart and beautiful women who were a part of our photoshoot. The women on this site are not models or stand-ins. They are real local women, patrons, people who care deeply about creation, curation, connection, and community. We worked carefully to select a mix of styles to reflect their personal style and best attributes, and we are just delighted that they were a part of this effort to share MIX with the world.  

We see clothing choice as an opportunity to share your style with the world around you.  We delight in helping women design looks that reflect their confidence and creativity.  Take a look at our featured items here, or come visit us in-store, we would love to see you.  

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