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Mix Brand Promise – Value Proposition – by E. G. Penet


Mix Brand Promise – Value Proposition – by E. G. Penet


Mix Brand Promise – Value Proposition – by E. G. Penet


In our previous blog, we left off with a link to the video for our Mix Brand Promise – Value Proposition.

The letter “X” in our name MIX can be viewed to be made of four “V’s” glued together in the middle. Those four “V’s” are a key part of our Strategic Business Plan. They are: VITAL, VISION, VARIETY & VALUE.

These four key words not only help tell what we do, but, even more, they explain why.

VITAL. We do what we do because clothing is essential to human culture, even survival. Mix offers clothing and accessories and jewelry sensitive to individual desires, tastes and needs.

VISION. At Mix, your “look” can range from fashion “forward,” “retro,” “formal,” or “transformative.” Mix celebrates the female body, guiding each customer to explore her unique beauty.

VARIETY. We continuously curate our collections to provide the freshest and widest possible selections for personal and gift-giving needs.

VALUE. Our strongest customer commitment is to value in all of its dimensions … whether gently used or new … from silhouettes, to materials, to construction quality, to selection, to price fairness.

Now you know why we do what we do. And, as a result we proudly say:

The Mix Collection honors the female body offering an array of hand-chosen designer pieces in various of shapes, fabrics, silhouettes and colors with creative accessories and artful jewelry to match … to encourage transformational styling with the emphasis on comfort, whether at home or away, on the street or at the office, or for that one and only special occasion. Mix Brand Promise – Value Proposition.


– Ed

By Bonnie Admin