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A Look at Fashion Transformations at MIX A Good Mix – by E. G. Penet


A Look at Fashion Transformations at MIX A Good Mix – by E. G. Penet


A Look at Fashion Transformations at MIX A Good Mix – by E. G. Penet


I very much enjoy interviews and writings from top, and I mean top, fashion editors and designers. Of course, fashion can mean trendy or trends. Fashion is a business after all. And Mix is a business.

But the approach we take is: transformation. You’ve experienced it directly as a Mix customer. In the changing room or from your feedback on vacation or a business trip elsewhere in the world, you’ve said it all, time and again. Strangers in Paris or San Francisco stop you on the street and ask: “Where did you get those clothes?” “How did you put that together?” And you get to say: “I shop at Mix!” That’s what we love about fashion transformations at MIX.

Andre Leon Talley, artist, designer, former Vogue editor, protégé of Diana Vreeland, says it in a word in a recent article in the NYT … “editing.” Fashion can sound so intimidating, but it’s really simple. You start with your closet, “edit-out” the pieces that no longer appeal, and “edit-in” the new from Mix New & Used that expresses who you are.

“But I have so much black already.” Black will always and everywhere remain the basic foundation color, supplemented by white. Black slacks of various fabrics, leggings, T’s and tanks, tunics, both sleeveless and sleeved, long or short. Keep your black skirts and cocktail dresses? Of course.

After the fundamentals, we add color from creams to kiwis to reds supplement, layered over the black, even layered again under asymmetric mesh or crinkle or patterned vests and tunics. The basic “editing” can begin with foundation pieces from Comfy USAChaletMatchpointTulip, and YEA.

The drama of fashion transformations at MIX begins as you move into our lines like CheyenneMoyoruPrisaJane Mohr/Dress to KillKrista Larson, Robin Kaplan and Babette. There are individual pieces in each of these lines that would truly finish off an edited selection from our foundational lines. Or, alternatively, you can create a total break-away “look” layering entirely in any of these fabulous designer lines. Would you believe, lace-tipped bloomers! So, cute.

No tricks. Simply “editing” with the focus upon honoring who you are.

– Ed


photo credit: http://cdn.styleblazer.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Andre-Leon-Talley-thumb.jpg?timestamp=1442856984

By Bonnie Admin